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Haydée Mercedes Sosa (9 July 1935 – 4 October 2009), known as La Negra (literally: The Black One), was an Argentine singer who was popular throughout Latin America and many countries outside the continent. With her roots in Argentine folk music, Sosa became one of the...Wikipedia

Age: 74 (age at death)
Born: 9th July, 1935, San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina
Died: 4th October, 2009, Place of Death
Height: Height Unknown
Nationality: Argentinean

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Al Despertar

Al Despertar (1999)

Al Despertar is a 1998 album by Mercedes Sosa. The album won the 1999 Premios Gardel in the folklore category. The album features the song written by Peteco Carabajal from Al Despertar (Mercedes Sosa song) which was nominated for Best Female Performance at the first ever Latin Grammy Awards of 2000.

Canciones con fundamento
Cantata Sudamericana
Cantora 1
Güemes - la tierra en armas

Güemes - la tierra en armas (1971)

The story of the wars of independence in Northern Argentina during the 19th Century.

We Have a Pope
Che: Part Two
Banda sonora
Televisión por la identidad



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