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  • Bellesbeauty To rive what video. I haven't seen it. Enough about VK from me. He strikes me as an intelligent person. I can see that he would want someone to conversate with. That's a quality I look for too. After everything he has been through he should get a woman he can come home to that he can just be himself around. They can be weird and funny together. I bet he has a tender side. 46 seconds ago
  • MercyM it's not that he's gay or something 2 mins ago
  • MercyM The womanizing image is not fake at all. it's the reality the reason why he had no steady gf in years is his infidelity as a fundamental trait of his personality 3 mins ago
  • rivegauche2109 VK was a best friend for NR once a time ago 12 mins ago
  • rivegauche2109 Guys, y'all need to stop all this. I don't doubt that Jared's taste in women is sorely lacking in taste. But it's all fake - this womanising image - kindly refer to his yt video where he firmly stated his choice in a woman and if he were to settle down that would be the qualities he seeks - a woman with intelligence and who he could have endless conversations with. Whoever she is, will have to get a sure in with Mama Leto and Shan lol 15 mins ago
  • Bellesbeauty He is like able alla. She just rubs the wrong way. I am still trying to figure out what they talk about. PFW he only spent a few moments with her backstage. The last several days he has done damage control. JL doesn't care what the fans or press think but he may care of what the woman thinks. The ones the psychics speak of. In a way I am glad he isn't dating this woman yet, it gives him time to get these people out of his life. The woman if present would rip Val's extensions from her head. Now that's something I would pay to watch. 15 mins ago
  • alla Okay thanks. 16 mins ago
  • Mary18 NR is Natasha Remarchuk ... 17 mins ago
  • alla Anybody know NR? ... 17 mins ago

Businessman, Entrepreneur, Techno Geek, Philanthropist, Activist, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Director, Photographer

Age: 43
Born: 26th December, 1971, Bossier City, Louisiana, USA
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: My So-Called Life (TV Show) Oscar Win Supporting Actor Dallas Buyers Club

Jared Leto (lɛtoʊ; born December 26, 1971) is an American actor, singer, songwriter, and director. After starting his career with television appearances in the early 1990s, Leto achieved recognition for his role as Jordan Catalano on the television series My So-Called Life...Wikipedia

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