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Gary Stretch (born 4 November 1965) is an English actor, former boxer and former model. Wikipedia

Age: 46
Born: 4th November, 1968, Liverpool, England
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Nationality: British
Claim to Fame: Dead Man`s Shoes

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Rise of the Dinosaurs

Rise of the Dinosaurs (2013)

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The Girl from the Naked Eye


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Gary StretchGary Stretch
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lisa cassese - Gary please if you are every in NY in the Hamptons. Look me up. would love to meet you. (1 year ago)
russ - he used to go in my friends dads cafe in streatham in the late 80`s, bit of a strutter, but who can blame him fo that? never spoke to him myself but said mate did tell me a story bout himm pilling up in a convertable n gatting grief from a gang of lads who wouldn`t leave it be, so he ended up flooring them. How true? i dont know. But how many people would love to do just that. Made me laugh anyway.Oh, he cant act tho, cept in dead mens shoes, v good in that. (4 years ago)
tanya - hope everything will o.k fore you (4 years ago)
old friend - hey,mr wiseman you are obviously not as ones surname suggests!do i detect a hint of the old green eye there? dont judge and thee shall not be judged x (4 years ago)
Paul Wiseman - He`s an arrogant bully who came frm a family of thieves. He is despised in his home town of St Helens by everyone as an arrogant plonker, a drunk and a drug user. (4 years ago)
Tom - Was gary dating Raquel Welch while she was married?Tom (5 years ago)
lisa - i met gary at royal ascot years ago.he was polite,witty and extremely polite.yeah must admit very hot,but hey does that automaticly make him egotistic? if he is he certainly never came across that way.good luck to him in all he does. (5 years ago)
Tina. - A message for Gary, Mr Stretch, i publicly apologise for bein wrong ,ok..You are handsome, a gentleman,sensitive, and caring Man.A part from that, a good actor,an excellent boxer,a Star..and Your alrite.xx. (5 years ago)
stretchme - Gary is currently living with laila rouass. She got death threats at her home so Gary being kind, had her and her baby move in with him. Oh yeh, she went public with this info from what I understnd. yeh, really scared. Everyone now knows where she is at. Stupid. This chick also didn`t know she was 6 months pregnant. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Be careful Gary. We love ya (5 years ago)
stretchme - I have heard conflicting reports about Gary. If he is arrogant, it isn`t because women throw themselves at him. It goes much deeper than that. Arrogance actually stems from insecurity. I have never met him, but I would love to meet the REAL MAN behind the handsome face. He is probably much more sensitive than anyone realizes. (6 years ago)

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