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Model, Actress, Writer, Reality TV

Bobbie Jean Brown (born October 7, 1969), sometimes credited as Bobbie Brown-Lane, is an American actress, model and former beauty pageant contestant. She is best known for her appearance in the video for Warrant's glam metal anthem "Cherry Pie" and the cover of the album of the...Wikipedia

Age: 45
Born: 7th October, 1969, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
Nationality: American
Claim to Fame: Winning Star Search`s spokes model category a record thirteen times. Warrant`s `Cherry Pie` video

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Sued Penthouse magazine for featuring a model under the name "Bobbie Brown" [1988]


Bobbie Brown-Lane has a daughter with Jani Lane named Taylar Jayne Lane (born 17 January 1992)


I`m more than just Cherry Pie.


Eagles don`t kick it with pigeons


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brentwood - You are so very gorgeous, Bobbi. (8 months ago)
sleazequeen - She is just as beautiful now as she was then! Love her. (1 year ago)
RachaelRN - [cont] ... Fame and colorful history aside, remember that Bobbie is really only human (albeit a very beautiful human) deserving of a bit of respect, and a break now & then - no more, no less - just like the rest of us. And, if by chance Ms. Brown ever reads this, I would like her to know that there are people out there who support her, who believe her to be a smart, sweet, kind person - and not just another pretty face. That despite her unusual beauty, there are women who do think well of her - not all of us are harpies (1 year ago)
RachaelRN - Bobbie Brown is not just BEAUTIFUL - she's one tough cookie who is intelligent & far stronger than she gives herself credit. I've observed that people [i.e., less beautiful women - or men that can't have her] have judged Ms. Brown very harshly from the get-go, and their opinions seem (to me) to be tempered with the fuel of their own inadequacies (and let's face it, there's the jealousy factor too - lots of that). Unfair? You betcha! Our youth eventually fades for all allof us, and quite frankly we all realize that, so why should the rules be any different for Bobbie? An interesting point to consider is that Bobbie has defied the typical standard, ageing with grace (1 year ago)
RachaelRN - [cont] ... Plenty of people describe her as a genuinely nice, kind woman, despite what she's endured: divorce, raising a child alone as a single parent, abuse at the hands of people she trusted & loved, plus an autoimmune illness [SLE] - and that's just the things she's shared with us. Few people would retain their sanity, let alone a sense of humanity against those odds, but Bobbie has - and she seems all the more real (1 year ago)
Diana_lR - She had a big crush on former Skid Row's Sebastian Bach back in 89-90's, she herself revealed in some Metal magazines interviews. Rumours are,something happened between them. But as the "Cherry Pie" was married to Jani Lane (RIP), and Sebastian Bach with Nymphaea Lavina...we don't know really.
I read somewhere Bobbie is gonna write a book of her memoirs, and she promised is gonna be very Juicy. (1 year ago)
ginanatl - It's well known that she and Leonardo DiCaprio were involved in the 90's. Why isn't this listed?
Hope all her fans are tuning into Fuse TV on Friday nights for her new show "Ex-Wives of Rock." (2 years ago)
fan - She looks so plastic girl now, such a shame.. (3 years ago)
kendrawrites - Love the make up (4 years ago)
heatherachase - Love you Bobbie! (4 years ago)

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